Our team at Fritz + Lloyd Interiors strives to provide a clear plan that suites the unique needs of each client’s project. Below, you can find our list of commonly asked questions and hopefully have some of your own questions answered too!

Why should I hire an interior designer?

Great spaces do not happen by accident! Our interior designers have ongoing extensive training along with an interior design degree.

When we look at and plan a space, we always start with the principles of design: scale and proportion, balance, rhythm, emphasis, and harmony. We blend all of these things with your personal wants and needs to help you determine the best function and the most visually pleasing design for your space! Interior designers can help you save time and money when working through the thousands of decisions and selections that come up when building or remodeling a home.

We also play an important role as your advocate when working with a builder or contractor to achieve the end goal – a beautiful and functional space that fits your needs and style!

How do I choose the right designer for me?

First, take some time to identify your style. This may be through Pinterest or Houzz, magazines, or places you’ve visited. Take a look at interior designers websites and portfolios. Keep in mind, you may not see exactly what you’re looking for but good designers will take your inspiration and bring it to life!

Set a ballpark budget. This will help a designer start to understand your project. Meet with 2-3 designers and ask a lot of questions! They should give you a good explanation of their process and the services they offer. Trust your gut! Think of your project as an investment and select the person you want as a partner in that process!

What types of projects do you typically work on?

Typically our projects fall into one of three categories.

  • Custom New Home Construction – We prefer to jump in on the planning phase and work with you all the way to furniture and accessories.
  • Home Remodeling – This could be one room or a whole house! We use the same design process but tailored for the scope and size of the remodel.
  • Furniture, Art, and Accessories (which we call Room Service) – This includes selection, procurement, and installation of furniture, area rugs, lamps, bedding, art, accessories, you name it! The final layer to your design is just as important as the design of the interior space.

Not sure if your project fits within these categories, send us a message, we are happy to get in touch and chat about your project!

How do you charge?

We tailor every agreement based on the client’s needs, the project scope and the services being provided. Contact us to set up a Discovery Meeting and we would be happy to review the details!

Do I have to purchase product through you?

You certainly can but you are not required to! We offer great pricing options to our clients and can generally beat retail pricing. If you have found the perfect thing, then we don’t mind at all if you buy it on your own. It’s important, however, to keep us in the loop so we can make sure it works with all of the other project parts.

How do I get started?

The first thing to do is schedule a Discovery Meeting with us! Depending on the type of project, we will meet at your home or at our studio. We’ll discuss your project plans and dreams and how we might be able to help you! We look forward to meeting you!